How to use rnm android app – register an account



Let your friends send you an online friendly message anonymously using our RNM android app and you can know what people are thinking of you. This is easy to use and safe just install the app and register your profile and send the link to anyone or any social media platform. You can check your messages continuously by the app.


  • Install RNM from Play Store
  • Register an fresh account
  • Login with username and password
  • Edit Profile


Let’s install RNM app in our smartphone from play-store.
1. Open play-store
2. Search RNM
3. Find RNM android app and install it.

RNM - Send anonymous messages


To register a fresh account –
1. Open RNM

RNM - Send anonymous messages

3. Fill up the registration form with – username, email, password
4. Click on Register button
5. Wait second for completing registration

RNM - Send anonymous messages


Once registration is successful you’ll be logged in automatically and then you can use these buttons for your profile.
1. View Messages -> The messages you will receive from people.
2. Copy Profile Link -> You have your profile link, by sharing this link to your friends, they can send you messages anonymously.
3. Share Profile -> You can directly share your profile.
4. Log Out -> You will be logged out from this account.

RNM - Send anonymous messages
RNM – Send anonymous messages

Edit Profile

Let’s edit your profile >
1. Long press on your profile picture
2. Click on Edit Profile
3. Again Long press on your profile picture

RNM - Send anonymous messages

4. Click on New Profile Pic
5. Select a picture from your gallery
6. Your profile will look like this and click on UPDATE NOW button

RNM - Send anonymous messages

7. Wait few second and don’t close the app
8. Once it updated, you will see a message like this, info_updated and that’s it

RNM - Send anonymous messages

You can use edit profile option for editing your email, username also. That’s it.

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